Sunday, 6 May 2018

Memorial Post

145 Knicker
Are you gullible, unable to think for yourself, follow the crowd and do whatever it takes to keep up with the Jones’?

If that's you then why not spend 145 knicker on some totally tasteless tat like this bronzed (note bronzed not bronze) figurine dedicated to a war that nobody living today fought in?

Yes you can assuage all  the guilt that your authorities have piled upon you for decades by purchasing this piece of dross dressed as a memorial to all those who died needlessly in a war that had very little to do with them.

Yes your 145 quid will go straight in to the pockets of some crummy company lampooning as a national memorial provider in just five or six easy payments because that’s more or less the sort of thing these boys actually died for all those years ago.

Alternatively, donate the money you could spend on this kitsch crap to a veterans charity for those service personnel, past and present, who are actually alive today and are being let down by their current governments.

1 comment:

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