Thursday, 31 October 2013

S.P.W.A. & Lord Lucan: Conspiracy Theory

I Was Somewhere Else
Just writing about my good friend that man John Bingham 7th Earl of Lucan or Lord Lucan as he is more popularly known in the lying press.

Lord Lucan or 'Bingy-Boo' as we called him disappeared in November 1974 after the press told everybody he had only he had murdered a servant (allegedly.)

I just want to say here that I was not the one that was with him in that Ford Corsair that drove down to Newhaven. Not that anybody saw two people in a car of that description of course but um... if there were two people in a car of that description then I was not the one in the back seat. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Apple iPad Air: Review

Throw an Apple Today
Right then! Those jonnies at Apple Inc have done the right thing and given me one of their things called an iPad Air to review. You may recall that I reviewed one of their earlier models a while back. 

Well as I said this new one is called the iPad Air. Bit of a silly name if you ask me however, we all find air in tonic water and we find tonic water in Gin so I think I can see where they are going with this and their next models but I digress. 

The iPad Air is lighter and slimmer than the previous one which means it is easier to transport around and not such a strain on one's  hand and wrist. This has both pros and cons for me and my relationship with my servants if ever they come off that blasted strike.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Real Cause of Climate Change: The Truth.

Bloody Weather
Just been reading on wikipedia and also BBC Radio 4 about the causes of climate change. The Radio programme had both sides of the argument making pertinent points and giving credible evidence to promote their ideas. 

On the one hand the pro-climate change lobby showed that the current change in global temperatures is due to mankind, which incidently is predominately people of the working classes so it is their fault.